ponedeljek, 25. november 2013

Slovenian Bloggers 18. - 24. 11.

Want to know what Slovenian bloggers were up to?

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Baroque fool - in the mood for pirates.

N. Purcell made new cute "owls" bags and painted her nails.

Dancing with my cat was wearing a pink peplum and collecting FB likes.

Bleščica - scrapbooking.

Emily Summers is selling.

Anja Vilinesa - girl code.

Adjusting Beauty - DIY Foam Christmas tree decoration.

Tara - Alexander McQueen of Indonesia or meet Tex Saverio.

Sanja wrote a review of Sleek Vintage Romance palette

Kaja R. used photos instead of words, for describing her time in Sweden

Tiste, ki imate tokrat objavljeno le ime in ne tudi vsebine svoje objave, si, lepooo prosim, še 1x preberite navodila! Hvala! 

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