ponedeljek, 28. oktober 2013

Slovenian Bloggers 21. - 27. 10.

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Vesna is a woman in black! :-)

Katja loves flowers.

P. K. show you how to make banana smoothie for hair.

Lina F. shows her nail polish collection.

Colorful Harmony wrote a MeMeMe Electric eyes palette review.

Maja wrote a before / after post.

Emily Summer have some lovely new stuff.

Kaja made this delicious cheesecake.

Taya wrote a Review and swatches of Essence Superderoes collection.

Casual Martini wrote about Louboutin shades

Adjusting Beauty made sparkling fall nails.

Mateja was doing some nail art with Barry M and BYS.

Soul Fishing had her fist feature on moia.in.

Kim in her B&W outfit.

Kristina shows you her empties.

Gin Shivers loves Essence giveaway

2 komentarji:

  1. Mene samo zanima, če lahko namesto Lina F napišete le Lina - razen, če je še kakšna druga Lina tu? Drugače pa lahko vnaprej pišete samo - Lina :) Hvala!

    1. Se bom potrudila za v naprej, da ne pozabim :-) Če pa kdaj pozabim, me pa le opomni spet :-)